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Solar News You Need To Know…….. is a category of articles that every homeowner will benefit from. These articles are filled with consumer-focused information that saves homeowners money.
Florida Solar Report is “Your Solar Advocate,” bringing readers the truth about home solar company’s unscrupulous behavior. The home solar buyer in Florida desperately needs representation. Home solar is great, but not always so with the companies selling it.

On the contrary, solar companies’ marketing of home solar in Florida has oppressed the market. When new technology is released to the public for mass consumption, it helps if the initial purchasers promote t to their friends and family. Here’s the problem, home solar purchasers are not convincing their neighbors it’s a good idea to buy home solar. Because home solar has been overpriced in Florida, the buyers are not benefitting financially. The homeowners have been taken advantage of by being sold a monthly payment instead of a profitable powerplant.

It’s not a lot to ask that if it’s my house and my money, shouldn’t I be the one benefitting the most, not the least! Solar News You Need To Know articles focus on the most important things you need information about. You need the information to make an informed decision about home solar. Learn how to get home solar at wholesale prices versus paying full retail that most of the solar companies in Florida. Please read on to learn more Solar News You Need To Know. Most importantly, learn how to buy solar for less as a free investment using the power bill money.

Why Does Corporate America Hate Solar? They Can't Dominate It!

Why Does Corporate America Hate Solar? They Can’t Dominate It!

Why Does Corporate America Hate Solar? They Can’t Dominate It! Why does corporate America hate solar, because they can’t dominate the industry the way they do every other industry. Every single home or building has to be retrofitted to produce solar energy. This is a monumental undertaking which involves tens of millions of jobs. Home …

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Before Installing Solar

Before Installing Solar The First Things to do before installing Solar is a roof inspection if needed and air-conditioning system replacement. Replacing both will save you money and lower your power consumption, sometimes quite dramatically. Through time a roof and A/C pay for themselves because of improved efficiency and increased home value. In most cases, …

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