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2 Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves

2 Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves,

2 Home Improvements That Pay for Themselves are Air Conditioning System Upgrades and Home Solar Systems

Air conditioning system upgrades have a tremendous impact on lowering your power bill and any system 10 years old should be replaced because of poor efficiency. In many cases, a new central air system can cut power bills in half. After replacing their A/C some even save hundreds of dollars a month because their old A/C was so inefficient. Solar pays for itself Because It’s An Unlimited Source of Cleaner and Cheaper Energy at a Fixed Cost!

#1 Home Improvement That Pays for Itself Is Air Conditioning

A home solar system not only pays for itself but in 2021 and beyond, home solar is an excellent investment because it has a guaranteed ROI. The reason why you should upgrade air conditioning first is that a new A/C is dramatically more efficient. A homeowner can end up buying too large a solar system which costs thousands of dollars more because of high power bills caused by inefficient A/C and other inefficiencies in a home. A homeowner who has decided to install a home solar system should prepare for it by making their home as efficient as possible. 

I will admit I am assuming homeowners who are going solar are doing it because they care about the environment and the savings. So upgrading the A/C to make a home more efficient is good for the environment because you not only produce energy with solar but also cut consumption of energy.

Air conditioning is a serious offender when it comes to excessive power bills. If you think your power bill is unusually high, believe it or not an old A/C unit can increase your power bill hundreds dollars a month in the most extreme cases. A/C is  peculiar because many homeowners get high power bills and know it’s their A/C causing it but don’t want to make the investment for a new A/C. They think I’ll deal with it tomorrow and the next thing you know fives years worth of tomorrows goes by. The savings on the power bill we’ll say is a $100 a month Over a 5 year period, that’s $6000, which is more than what a New A/C costs for most homes.

# 2 Home Improvement That Pays for Itself Is a Home Solar System

There are so many factors involved when it comes to the cost of power consumption. The most important to know is you can actually turn your power bill into an investment. Every month home solar pays dividends and those dividends add up as the years roll on.

Without question home solar and new A/C pay for themselves, so these improvements are recommmeded. Although doing these 2 Home improvements that pay for themselves is a great place to start it’s actually best to prepare in additional ways before doing solar. See: Before Installing Solar

Below Is A Preparation Chart Before Going Solar

Many homeowners will meet with a solar company to determine how much solar costs and if it’s good for them. One of the problems that arises out of this scenario is that some actually buy it without any thoughts about an energy preparation plan first such as replacing the A/C unit.

Any homeowner’s who do the 2 home improvements that pay for themselves, air conditioning and home solar, will come out ahead financially, helping to keep their money in their pocket.

The reason for an energy preparation plan is to make your home achieve maximum efficiency before buying a solar system. When you get your home to maximum efficiency it will use a smaller solar system, that can save thousands of dollars.

Air ConditioningA New AC Unit can cut power a bill in half if the unit is over 10 years old.
Replacing An A/C unit will result in noticeable savings and will pay for itself.
RoofOlder roofs are not as efficient as a new roof, and
it’s ideal for the roof and solar panels to age simultaneously.
Windows and DoorsCaulking Is The Least Costly and Money Saving Thing To Do In A Home
LED LightingAmazing Energy Saving Technology!
Attic Fans and Blown InsulationGo The Extra Mile for Additional Savings!
After The Above Home Improvements The Size
Solar System Needed Will Cost Thousands Less!
At This Point, Your Home Is Efficient Enough To Determine The Actual Monthly kWh Usage.
Which should Be Considerably Lower than before The Improvements Started.
Solar EquipmentThis Is Where Some Expertise Goes A Long Way! You want to deal directly with the
contractor removing sales reps and managers from the deal, and you get the lowest
price possible. That’s exactly what “Your Solar Advocate” Does for You, and It’s a Free Service!
InstallationExpert Licensed and Insured Contractor
Get Top Quality Equipment for LessBuy All of Your Equipment Wholesale and Save Big!
Use A Free Solar ConsultantYour Solar Advocate” Consultant Firm Is a Free Service!

What You Need To Be Aware of When Buying Solar

There are many things to be aware of but I am going to start with don’t act hastily. Know what are you paying for because there are many hidden costs when purchasing solar. A lot people think if they pay cash for a car they get a better deal, they don’t because the car dealer makes money off car loans too. Not so with solar, the specialty finance companies charge closing points for home solar. Those closing costs get passed on to the customer. So just eliminating the closing costs alone means you get a much better deal paying cash.

The Following Is A Chart of All The Potential Costs When Buying Home Solar

A Typical Solar Company's Proposal

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms
(Frequently Hidden Cost)
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $17,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Total $32,000
Solar Companies Overhead Costs,
Add-Ons To Every Solar ProposalCost of Add-Ons
The Cost of a Salesperson$3000
Sales Manager$1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department$1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities$1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing$1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost)$2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation$17,000
Solar Company Profit$5000
Your Solar Advocate Target Price $2.75 a Watt Totals for 7K$19,250
Tax Credit – $5,005
The net Cost Is $14,245

The Break-Even Point When Paying Retail for Home Solar System

System Size Retail Cost Tax Credit Net Cost Production
(Monthly Power Bill)
Break-Even Point
7K Solar System $32,000 $8,320 $23,680 $150 a Month in power 13.2 Years
9K Solar System $38,700 $10,062 $28,638 $190 a Month in power 12.5 Years
11.7K Solar System $44,000 $11,440 $32,560 $225 a Month in power 12 Years

The Break-Even Point When Paying Wholesale for Home Solar System

System Size Wholesale Cost Tax Credits Net Cost Production (Monthly Power Bill) Break-Even Point
7K Solar System $19,250 $5,005 $14,245 $150 a Month in power 8.0 Years
9K Solar System $24,750 $6,435 $18,315 $190 a Month in power 8.0 Years
11.7K Solar System $32,175 $8,365 $23,810 $225 a Month in power 8.8 Years

Federal ITC Is 26% Off The Above Cost for Qualified Buyers
(Many Solar Companies Use Tax Credit as a down-payment in financed deals 12 to 15 months after the deal is closed).

The solar company doesn’t pay the additional overhead costs, the buyer does.  They also do not pay out any of the costs until the finance company funds their account when your loan is finalized.

When Prepared Home Solar Is An Awesome Investment

The single reason why home solar is an amazing investment is because the money will be gone forever once you pay the power company  every month. Unless somebody has figured out a way to live without power you will pay the power company every month of your life.

Using the payment the power company gets every month for solar pays you dividends every month for the rest of your life.The most important thing is to get the very best quality solar for the least price. What you pay for you solar system will determine the amount of return on investment.

The point is you make your money off solar when you buy it, not only from the production of it. Buy right and make a profit from owning your own power plant using the power companies money.

Without question the The 2 Home Improvements That Pay For Themselves are A/C replacement and home solar. It’s still best to do as many home efficiency improvements as possible before going solar. Have a plan and work the plan and you’ll make money using the power companies money!

Your Solar Advocate Free Consulting is a revolutionary idea so long as it’s the homeowner’s desire, not a salesperson. We do not sell solar we advocate for the consumer to make the most money from producing their own energy.

25 Years of a $150 a Month Power Bill Is $45,000 The Cost of a 7K System Is $19,250 When Using “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm a Free Service!

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