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What Costs Does a Solar Advocate Eliminate?

Home Solar Companies Have a 2 Part Structure:

The first part is The Facilities, Management, Marketing, and Sales

The second part is the Raw Cost of Materials and Installation

Your Solar Advocate Eliminates Management and Overhead Costs

What Costs Does a Solar Advocate Eliminate?

Eliminates Overhead Costs!

 Overhead for structured solar companies is costly because they require a physical location with offices and storage. A Solar Advocate works remotely eliminating costly overhead!

Eliminates Management Costs!

 Solar companies’ management is working on commission no different than the sales staff. This makes the cost of home solar more expensive. A solar advocate eliminates management costs.

Eliminates Office Labor Costs!

Solar companies are chasing a large volume of customers, and that requires a great deal of labor. A Solar Advocate is that same salesperson who worked for a company and got turned off by the experience. Too many mouths to feed in a solar company and the customer pays the price! In a traditional solar company, there are too many mouths to feed, and that drives up the price of home solar for the consumer.

Your Solar Advocate Is Partnered with a National Brand “INSTALLATION” Company That has over 10,000 Solar Installations and Stands Behind Their Warranties

Your Solar Advocate Works from a Redline Cost with Complete Flexibility!

Your Solar Advocate Has Financing Available for Home Solar for as Little as No Money Down!

Your Solar Advocate Has Your Best Interest in Mind Because I Have No Bosses to Impress Only You!

Your Solar Advocate Provides Complete Transparency!

My name is Ron HunnewelI and I am Your Solar Advocate representing home solar buyers. As a solar advocate, everything I do or recommend is in the home solar consumers’ best interest. My experience in the solar industry has taught me there’s a better way for the consumer to go solar. The better way to Go Solar is to eliminate the unnecessary expenses created by the business models that far too many solar companies use. If you want the best home solar deal possible let’s connect!

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