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Florida Leads the Nation in Solar Energy Rewards

Assessing solar energy costs across states becomes complex due to varying tax incentives. Qualification for these benefits depends on individual circumstances. Notably, states like North Carolina offer additional perks but lack one-for-one net metering.

Understanding your return on investment from solar energy in Florida is straightforward. You have the cost of your solar system, and the 30% Federal ITC Tax Credit. What makes Florida the ideal state to go solar in is “One for One” Net Metering, because homeowners get full credit from the power company for solar energy produced. Florida has high electrical utility rates which means homeowners with solar are getting a superior ROI. A home solar system in NC costs the same as in Florida, but the return on investment from solar energy in Florida is much greater.

Governor Ron DeSantis Deserves Credit for Protecting Homeowner Solar Energy Rights

Solar energy has overcome the crazy world of politics in Florida, because Governor Ron DeSantis vetoed legislation that would have ended net-metering as we know it. The Florida governor sided with the homeowners instead of the power conglomerates, how refreshing is that. The governor understands solar energy is here to stay, because solar energy is affordable, cheaper to produce, and environmentally friendly.

Floridians It's Time to Cash-In on Solar Energy

There will never ever be a better time to go solar in Florida! Get the lowest prices, the best quality solar panels made, and eliminate the middleman with Your Solar Advocate. Your Solar Advocate represents the homeowner’s best interests. Homeowners can leverage the power bill payment as an investment to purchase home solar.

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