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Welcome To The Home of Florida Solar Report a consumer focused home solar publication. The primary objective is to provide readers with the truth about the home solar industry. When an industry is relatively new it is common place for prices to start out very costly and home solar is no different. Fortunately in 2020 the combination of more efficient solar equipment and more competition, the cost of solar has dropped dramatically.

The truth is home solar is awesome and in most cases very profitable for the homeowner. Unfortunately it’s also an industry that uses very aggressive sales techniques that has resulted into a bad deal for the customer sometimes. Solar companies hire very aggressive type personalities and they are very good at what they do, selling. You might think the sales rep is a new best friend but the sales rep isn’t selling home solar to make new friends. They may seem friendly but they have been known to exaggerate or even lie to get the sale closed. Florida Solar Report is here to provide the information you need to protect yourself. With the right information any homeowner can have a  productive money making home solar system, using the power company’s money to accomplish that.

Florida Solar Report Is On Your Side

We provide the information about the home solar industry and you decide what’s best for your situation. Our motive is to help guide as many homeowners as possible to go green and help to clean up our precious environment!

I have years of experience in the solar industry doing sales and several different solar companies IT work and have learned the good, the bad and the ugly about the solar industry. Solar is great but the retail side of the industry is holding back the home solar revolution. There’s no excuse why the state of Florida has only 2% of the homes with solar. That’s insane considering we are the Sunshine State!

Read any one of the many articles here and you will quickly learn why so few of the homes in Florida are solar powered? Home solar in Florida has been overpriced! In 2021 Home Solar Prices Have Become More Competitive!

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“Your Solar Advocate” provides Upfront Pricing before you meet with a home solar contractor. This will give you something to compare against any other home solar proposal you receive. Our service is free, and you can use it to determine what will work best for you. Many solar contractors in Florida don’t like to provide the most important information without meeting you first and running a credit check. Avoid dealing with high-pressure sales techniques to get the answers to your questions. Our service reverses the process of going solar by providing upfront pricing directly from the contractor without all the structural costs of managers and sales managers. We get you the very best pricing from the very best home solar contractors, and the process is completely transparent. Please complete the form and provide your address and daily kilowatt consumption to receive an accurate solar system price in advance of any meeting.

Hello I’m Ron Hunnewell Owner and founder of Florida Solar Report

I have created Your Solar Advocate to connect you with the industry’s very best Home Solar Installers. You have many choices and may not be certain whom to work with? As Your Solar Advocate representing your interests, “I Cut Out The Middle Man” and set you up directly with the very best in the business! The best quality solar panels, Installation all for the lowest cost!

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