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The Advantages of Solar Panels On a New Home

The Advantages of Solar Panels On a New Home

New Homes Have The Most Efficient Air Conditioning

The advantages of Solar panels on a new home are numerous because everything is brand new. Solar panels are ideal for a new home because the roof and the panels will age simultaneously. If you have solar panels on an aging roof, it can create an additional expense down the road when the roof needs replacing. A new roof is a huge advantage for increasing your return on investment with home solar panels. But, it’s not the only advantage of a new home compared to a previously owned home.

Another huge advantage for new homes with solar panels is the efficiency. New homes have new air conditioning, which means the A/C unit is more efficient and uses fewer kilowatt-hours. You might not realize how important A/C efficiency is but for a fact; I had a client who had an electric bill of over $1200 a month primarily caused by an old A/C unit. This homeowner purchased a New A/C, and the bill dropped to under $400 a month. That proves beyond any reasonable doubt inefficient A/C can be more costly than replacing it with a new unit.

Additional Advantages of Solar Panels On A New Home

Another appliance that is heavily impacted by poor efficiency is a water heater. I have seen the same scenario with inefficient water heaters as with my client, who had inefficient A/C. They moved some friends or family members in, and their power bill skyrocketed because of an inefficient water heater. When more people moved in, the use of water increased substantially and revealed the water heater as the culprit.

A new house has a huge advantage of reaping the greatest return on investment because of its superior overall efficiency. The roof, A/C, water heater, and sealed windows automatically make a new home more efficient, making solar panels a no-brainer to have a home that has a minimal impact on the environment.

The Advantages of Solar Panels On a New Home

A New Home Is More Efficient Requiring Less
Solar Panels Than a Previously Owned Home

New homes are so efficient that the average kilowatts used per day are substantially less than those of a previously owned home. Of course, the efficiency of a previously owned home varies because of all that’s involved, but it’s sure to have something inefficient compared to a new home. The bottom line is when a home is operating at peak efficiency, the amount of solar panels needed is less than a less efficient home requires.

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