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Florida Solar Report Is Consumer-Friendly

Florida Solar Report Consumer Friendly,

Florida Solar Report Is Consumer-Friendly for home solar buyers. Florida Solar Report is a consumer-focused home solar information website. It’s time to get the ball rolling when it comes to home solar in Florida. 

I have experience working for a solar company that made more than 18 million dollars in 2018. The fascinating thing is they were out of business by August of 2019. Although I love solar, I left the company in January 2019 because I’m not too fond of high-pressure sales. They are in business to make money, but the approach being used is a high-pressure sales techniques. I believe in transparency, but the solar prices were so high the company couldn’t afford to be transparent. See: Before Installing Solar

Solar Companies Are Shrouded In Secrecy

Even the salespeople were withheld important information about what made the prices so high. The reason I know inside information like this is that I did the companies IT work and sales. So I got to know how the company was structured and because the person in each department told me everything. So I saw the kind of information they didn’t want the salespeople to know.

I have extensive home solar training, and many of the articles at Florida Solar Report are focused on how to cut the cost of solar. Not just cut costs but make it profitable for homeowners without sacrificing quality.


A Win-Win Idea Is Born

This website gave birth to a whole new approach to going solar, “Your Solar Advocate,” a home solar consulting firm. The bottom line is the bottom line when making one of the three biggest purchases of a lifetime.

If you want to know the truth about how solar companies operate, I encourage you to check out the many articles posted here on Florida Solar Report!

With Florida having about 2% of all homes solar-powered defies logic. It’s the Sunshine State. Florida Solar Report helps to bring clarity as to why Florida homeowners have been resistant to go solar. It’s not because they don’t want to go solar. It’s because the cost has been too high.

Here at Florida Solar Report, the primary objective is to bring the entire home solar industry into a space that benefits the homeowner. It’s your home. It’s your money; it should be your profits a solar system produces.

Here at Florida Solar Report, you will learn that solar is being marketed in an exploitative fashion. The additional costs over and above the solar panels and installation are more than $7000 or more!



Asking for The Truth Is Not Asking Too Much?

Florida Solar Report Is Consumer-Focused providing insight into how marketing is holding back home solar growth. Greed is holding back the greatest contributor to clean energy we have until the end of time.

Here at Florida Solar Report, we believe that every home that goes solar helps create a healthier planet. So our goal is to help get as many homes as possible to run on clean energy because clean energy means a clean environment.

I encourage anybody that desires cleaner air to breathe to promote Florida Solar Report. Help get the home solar revolution into high gear. We advocate for cheaper home solar for everyone, and that’s what gave birth to “Your Solar Advocate.” A better way to go solar! We advocate on your behalf from the first step to the last step of going solar for less.

Florida Solar Report, “Your Solar Advocate,” is on your side. We have the expert knowledge you need, so check out other articles on this website. We want to keep the profits from home solar in your pocket where it belongs. It’s your money buying the equipment, Installation, Permits, and it’s your roof, so it should be your profit 

A Typical Solar Company's Proposal

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms
(Frequently Hidden Cost)
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $17,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Total $32,000
Solar Companies Overhead Costs,
Add-Ons To Every Solar ProposalCost of Add-Ons
The Cost of a Salesperson$3000
Sales Manager$1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department$1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities$1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing$1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost)$2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation$17,000
Solar Company Profit$5000
Your Solar Advocate Target Price $2.75 a Watt Totals for 7K$19,250
Tax Credit – $5,005
The net Cost Is $14,245
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