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Solar Awareness Information focuses on the most important things to know before buying home solar. One of the pitfalls of the home solar revolution is it has been so expensive up until now in 2020.

Home solar prices have dropped dramatically in the past 12 months.  That means home solar is now an investment because of ROI (return on investment). We are talking about an  investment that is different from any other you could make in a lifetime.

What makes home solar such a unique investment is because you’re already spending the money with the power company. You get a zero return for the the money, and you never own anything. With  solar you literally own your own power-plant, If you buy right, home solar is one of the soundest investments you could ever make.

The purpose of this article is not focused on how solar is designed and functions because that’s what the experts are for. This article is to inform you how to protect yourself from being taken advantage when buying solar. The way you protect yourself is know what the solar companies are doing before you meet with them, so you know what to look out for.

The Key To Profitable Home Solar Is Don't Overpay

Many homeowners have overpaid for there solar systems because of the companies overhead costs being passed on to the homeowner. The way it works is they create the excessive overhead costs and the buyers pay for it all. So we are going to cover how to purchase solar and save big, but first you want to be prepared for going solar. See Before Installing Solar for more in depth info

Do yourself a big favor, when you see any solar company  claims on Facebook or any social media that immediately want your email information, RUN! Those are strictly lead generators which will lead you down the path of overpaying for home solar.

The majority of the information online is coming from solar companies and they are not looking out for your best interest. You may see ads or blogs that use some extreme claim, you click on it and they start talking about the Solar Tax Credit, RUN! These techniques are distractions and designed to create urgency for the potential buyer and they work.

The preparation alone it takes for home solar suggests using a more methodical approach. We are here to help, so let’s get started with getting prepared for home solar. Solar Awareness Information Is Your Guide To Saving Money!

Solar Awareness Information Helps To Prepare A Homeowner for Home Solar

Many homeowners will meet with a solar company to determine how much solar costs and if it’s good for them. One of the problems that arises out of this scenario is that some actually buy it without any thoughts about an energy preparation plan first. The most important solar awareness Information is to be prepared before meeting with a solar company representative.

The reason for an energy preparation plan is to make your home achieve maximum efficiency before buying a solar system. When you get your home to maximum efficiency you will need a smaller solar system which can save thousands of dollars.

Air Conditioning Sometimes New AC Units can cut power bills in half if they’re over 10 years old. A noticeable savings at minimum which will pay for the new A/C in time.
Roof Older roofs are not as efficient and it’s Ideal for the roof and solar panels to age simultaneously.
Windows and Doors Caulking Is The Least Costly and Money Saving Thing To Do In A Home
LED Lighting Amazing Energy Saving Technology!
Attic Fans and Blown Insulation Go The Extra Mile for Additional Savings!
Ready for Solar At This Point, Your Home Is Efficient Enough To Determine The Actual Monthly kWh Usage Which should Be Considerably Lower than before The Improvements Started.
Solar Equipment This Is Where Some Expertise Goes A Long Way!
Installation Expert Licensed and Insured Contractor
Get Top Quality Equipment of Less Buy All of Your Equipment Wholesale and Save Big!
Use A Solar Consultant Florida Solar Report Has Given Birth To A Revolutionary Idea About How To Cut The Cost of Solar Dramatically “Your Solar Advocate” Consultant Firm.

Below Is An Example of The Cost of Power Over a 25 Year Period Including Price Hikes

When calculating the value of your solar production over a twenty five year period use the your present day average monthly bill and multiply x 12 Months x 25 Years and add 10% more and that’s a realistic price increase over twenty five years. The reasoning is in over the next twenty five years how we obtain our energy is going to diversify. So fossil fuels will probably go down in cost quite dramatically, or at minimum hold steady. The cost of oil is what dictates power company price increases. I’m sure power companies will figure try out a way to justify a higher price, but it doesn’t mean they’ll be effective at doing so.

Chart of Power Costs for 25 Years,

Average Monthly Power Bill

x 12 Months

25 Years X 1800

10% Total Increase Over 25 Years

Total 25 Year Power Cost Estimate

Average Power Costs Monthly for 25 Years

$150 A Month

$1800 A Year




$165 A Month Average Power Costs

Information Is Key To Profitable Home Solar

So the truth is if your average power bill of a $150 a month will average about $165 a month over the next  25 years (300 Months). So we know the accumulative value of your power cost $49,500, that’s what you pay the power company in twenty five years. Now we have the value of the power lets compare that to the cost of a solar system that produces that power.

When you know the cost a homes power, it helps to determine the real value of home solar, and if it’s for you.

We know you have a total cost of $49,500 over 25 years. So it pays to invest in solar because it’s a free investment. An investment with no risk because you will pay the $49,500 to the power company without solar and you won’t own anything.

The Following Is An Actual Sales Proposal I Did In 2018 In Reverse Chronological Order

Here's An Example of A Solar Company's Ridiculous Claim - I Ignored This Part of The Proposal Because It's So Ridiculous

Solar Awareness Information, florida solar report,

The Following Is An Example of The Actual Home Solar Companies Proposal. This was presented to the client in July, 2018.

To Get To This Payment Amount They Included The Tax Credit But Not Everybody Qualifies for It. They are using the tax credit as a down payment which is deceptive. If the buyer doesn’t pay that tax credit to the finance company then their payments will be much higher. That 25 year warranty you see, the company is out of business!

The lesson here is your warranties are manufacturer. Solar panels come with a 25 Year manufacturer warranty and they honor that warranty should the solar company you bought from goes out of business.

That 4.99% loan you see costs the solar company $2500 in points to  provide the customer low interest loans. That 5% percent loan over 20 years doubles the cost of this system paid over a 20 year term.

Solar Awareness Information Is a Guide To Saving Money!

A solar system is paid for using the power companies money, so it’s a free investment. One reason why solar is more affordable is because of the way it’s marketed in 2020 and beyond. In 2020 there’s a lot of trained experts going out on their own which is resulting in more competition. Competition helps to lower costs of home solar.

Florida Solar Report has given birth to a new concept. It’s called “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm free service. When a sales rep goes to your home to do a presentation for home solar they represent the company they work for. When a solar advocate goes to your home they are representing you and your best interests only. So imagine the sales rep and the advocate are the same person but as your advocate they’re working you to provide expert advice and guidance just like a travel agent.


Observe The Difference In The Cost Between The Two Following Charts When Buying Home Solar

Home Solar Costs of a Typical Solar Company

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost) $2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $17,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Total $32,000
Solar Companies Overhead Costs,

Federal ITC Is 26% Off The Above Cost for Qualified Buyers
(Many Solar Companies Use Tax Credit as a down-payment 12 to 15 months after the deal is closed)

The solar company doesn’t pay out any of the costs until the finance company funds their account when the finance contract is finalized.

“Your Solar Advocate” Helps To Eliminate The Add-on Costs of Home Solar

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost) $2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $17,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Your Solar Advocate” Target Price $2.75 a watt $19,250

Solar Is Very Profitable for Homeowners

Can I Profit From Having Solar Panels? Yes! has identified the driving force behind high home solar costs. Not only are the prices of home solar too high, but this business model is a hindrance to the growth of home solar.

Now there’s a better idea “Your Solar Advocate” is a step by step expert consulting firm. The name speaks for itself, we are Your Solar Advocate through the entire process. we arrange for all your equipment to be purchased at the same wholesale prices as the solar companies.

We do it all but make the purchases, you buy direct for everything. What we do is assist you with expert knowledge of the laws and rules and all the contacts. We arrange for the very best installation and the purchase of solar panels and equipment at wholesale. The optimal system is going to cost you an absolute minimum of $6000 Less including our consulting fee. See “Your Solar Advocate“.

Your Solar Advocate is a revolutionary idea so long as it’s the homeowner’s desire, not a salesperson. We do not sell solar we advocate solar for the consumer to make the most money from producing their own energy.

25 Years of a $150 a Month Power Bill Is $45,000 The Cost of a 7K System Is $19,250 When Using “Your Solar Advocate” Consulting Firm a Free Service!

"Your Solar Advocate" Consulting Is a Free Service

Every single home no matter what size it is use a different amount of electricity, based on the efficiency of that home. The average daily Kilowatt-hours consumed (on your power bill) is the main figure needed to determine what size system you need to off-set your power bill.

"Your Solar Advocate" Has a Target Price for a Complete End To End Home Solar System for $2.75 Per Watt Installed In Florida!

“Your Solar Advocate” provides Upfront Pricing before you meet with a home solar contractor. This will give you something to compare against any other home solar proposal you receive. Our service is free, and you can use it to determine what will work best for you. Many solar contractors in Florida don’t like to provide the most important information without meeting you first and running a credit check. Avoid dealing with high-pressure sales techniques to get the answers to your questions. Our service reverses the process of going solar by providing upfront pricing directly from the contractor without all the structural costs of managers and sales managers. We get you the very best pricing from the very best home solar contractors, and the process is completely transparent. Please complete the form and provide your address and daily kilowatt consumption to receive an accurate solar system price in advance of any meeting.

Solar Awareness Information Is a Guide To Saving Money!

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