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My name is Ron HunnewelI and I am a solar advocate representing home solar buyers. As a solar advocate, everything I do or recommend is in the home solar consumers’ best interest. My experience in the solar industry has taught me there’s a better way for the consumer to go solar. The better way to Go Solar is to eliminate the unnecessary expenses created by the business models many solar companies use. If you want the best home solar deal possible let’s connect!

Get the lowest price for a home solar system “Guaranteed”. As Your Solar Advocate, I will eliminate the middlemen resulting in a lower-cost home solar system. Most people interested in home solar contact a company or somebody they know who works for a solar company. The majority of home solar companies charge the full retail price which includes sales commissions, overhead costs, and marketing. I am connected to a National Home Solar Installation company with over 10,000 solar systems.

Solar companies with sales teams have far too many hands in the pot, and that’s a fact! It’s not rocket science, as Your Solar Advocate, I represent the homeowner’s best interest, and nobody else’s!

What Is A "Home Solar Installation Contractor?

Home Solar installation contractors provide everything needed including home solar panels, permitting, and the installation expertise don’t need to promote themselves or have large sales teams with constant sales training. In addition, “solar installation contractors” have little to no marketing expenses. They are so good at installing solar they are fed the work from the sellers of home solar, which keeps them busy a hundred percent of time. What I do as a “solar advocate” is eliminate you paying for the salesman, the sales manager, their physical location, marketing and clerical staffing. Through me you get the complete system using the same top-quality panels, installation and permitting from the same “solar installation company” that many of the large solar companies use.

Many Solar Companies Use Gimmicks and Bait and Switch Tactics Similar to Car Dealerships

Many solar companies use gimmicks and bait-and-switch tactics similar to car dealerships  They use the same methods of selling a payment instead of a straight price, some solar companies operate ethically but far too many don’t. As Your Solar Advocate I have one goal, get you the best deal possible. The average solar sales rep makes .30 cents a kilowatt for a sale, but it doesn’t end there, because the sales manager gets 15 to 20 cents per kilowatt. Then there are all the additional overhead costs, such as rent, utilities, Internet, office employees, and marketing. Your Solar Advocate Eliminates overhead costs!

There Are Two Methods for Buying Home Solar

Option 1: Pay Cash for a Home Solar System

Buying an automobile doesn’t excite a sales manager when you announce you’re paying cash, because they can’t make any points from financing. They also lose any opportunity to sell payoff insurance and other products.

Paying cash for home solar is the opposite of buying an automobile because solar loans have closing costs, and are longer term. A homeowner saves thousands of dollars in closing costs by paying cash for a home solar system.

When you pay cash for home solar you know the exact cost of your power for the next twenty-five years.

If you buy an 8K home solar system for $20,000 and deduct the tax credit the net cost is $14,800. An 8K solar system will produce about 11,500 kilowatts per year, approximately 30 kilowatts daily. 30 Kilowatts of production per day averages about $130 a month of actual electricity cost from the power company.

$14,800 net cost for an 8K solar system that will produce about 11,500 kilowatts per year equals $130 a month. $ 130 monthly for 25 years equals $39,000 for electricity plus taxes. So, you know your power cost for the next 25 years exceeds $40,000 with the power company. This example does not include power company price increases over the next twenty-five years. When you pay cash for home solar you know the exact cost of a home solar system, how much power it produces, and the potential savings. When you finance home solar the math becomes more complicated.

If you can afford to pay cash for home solar it is the most profitable way to go solar. Cash purchases for solar have the best ROI. Home solar is a guaranteed investment. Homeowners who purchase solar for cash start reaping the benefits monthly because they don’t have a power bill to pay. Solar panels are designed to last 30 to 40 years. For the next 25 years, you save the cost of your previous power bill. Your cost of power is fixed price, whereas the power company continues to raise prices.

The best method of financing home solar is a low-interest home equity loan. You’ll have complete transparency from the lender and the solar company because you’re paying cash. From this point on when you finance solar through the solar company, they’re using different methods that can be hard to understand sometimes. As Your Solar Advocate, I can help with the financing.

Option 2: Finance A Home Solar System

Financing home solar makes sense if your main priority is offsetting your power bill against a finance payment. The financial benefits of home solar are not as good when you finance versus paying cash for several reasons.

The main reasons why the cost of solar increases when you finance home solar are closing costs and interest. There are specialty finance companies for home solar. These finance companies charge high upfront closing costs for home solar because of the longevity of the loan. In addition to closing costs, a 5% loan can double the cost of a home solar system in the long term. The finance companies for home solar loans are very strict when it comes to credit scores and income versus expenses.

The power produced from a financed home solar system is still cheaper electricity than the power company. Your power cost is cheaper with solar than the power company, but it’s difficult to know precisely how much.

Most solar companies that focus on financed deals are selling a payment, instead of the actual price of the system. Going solar is a great idea for the environment regardless if it’s financed or not. Many homeowners aren’t as concerned with the profitability of home solar as others may be. However many homeowners are concerned with the environment and would rather produce clean energy.

I believe if you are going solar you should be the beneficiary of all its benefits, including having a profitable home solar system. Home solar is guaranteed to have a return on investment, but that return is much greater when you pay cash.

If there is one thing I learned when I was a solar sales rep was money is the greatest motivator for change. Unfortunately trading a power bill for a finance bill scares people into staying with the power company over 90% of the time. Solar is being marketed as a luxury in Florida and that’s unfortunate because far too many homeowners are choosing to not go solar.

The most important thing when financing home solar is to deal with a company that is transparent about every expense. Transparency is the only way to know how much you will benefit financially from going solar.

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