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The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!,

Happy Earth Day America!

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste! This year coronavirus has magnified the effects of pollution all around the world! When are we going to start taking responsibility for the damage we approve of? All for the sake of a handful of people around the world reaping massive profits from fossil fuel consumption. Renewable energy must be the path forward to Save The Earth from Human Destruction!

We all have to take responsibility for allowing global manufacturing & Industry to make their own rules. It’s unfortunate but a fact that propaganda has gotten us to a place of division about pollution. No question about it, we had to see the visual impact of pollution in order to understand what the human race doing.

As humans we make claims about how much we care about humanity’s path forward and then do the complete opposite. Claims of how important family members are and how much we love them. Then continue to destroy the planet they have to live on when we are gone.

Show Me Pollution Is So Bad?

In one breathe we say we care and in the next breathe we say the damage is done. The visual effects around the world, from the Himalaya Mountains being seen for the first time in decades to Arc De-triumph in Paris we can now litereally see the difference.

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!, The Dhauladhar range of mountains is visible from the city due to a drop in pollution levels.
Courtesy of CNN

Excerpt from CNN April 9th, 2020: See full article here…..

(CNN) — People in the northern Indian state of Punjab are reacting with awe at the sight of the Himalayan mountain range. It’s now visible from more than 100 miles away. Due to the reduction in air pollution caused by the country’s coronavirus lockdown. Indians in the city of Jalandhar and the surrounding area have posted photos online of the views from their homes. Some are saying they haven’t seen the peaks of the Himalayas for decades.“For the first time in almost 30 years, I could clearly see the Himalayas due to India’s lockdown clearing air pollution. Just amazing,” Manjit Kang wrote.

Oct 21, 2015 — Cundall

Oct 21, 2015 — Cundall – This article in 2015 shows this image as a clear view of Paris in 2015. Paris – 27th September a clear view to the future?

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!,
Pollution smog surrounding Paris city by sunset, France

Birdsong and clear views: coronavirus lockdown clears Paris pollution

ReutersApril 3, 2020

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!,

Here’s a Reuters News Feed Article on April 3rd, 2020

PARIS (Reuters) – Parisians confined to their flats by a lockdown imposed to curb the spread of coronavirus can at least now open their windows and breathe in fresh air, listen to the birds and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

Now We Can See The Difference

The images above are the fossil fuel industry’s worst nightmare because it puts a face on global pollution and proves we can help. The evidence is in and we now know that the damage being done is reversible and we can make a difference.

We Can All Make a Difference

We all need to make a contribution to help eliminate the damaging effects pollution is going to have for generations to come.

A great song, “I can see clearly now the pollution is gone” I can see all obstacles in my way. Gone are the dark clouds that had me blind, it’s going to be a bright bright sunshiney day!

If the first, second or the third biggest polluting countries refuse to address the problem, who is?. I’ve heard far too many Americans say it’s China as if to say it’s their problem when it’s everybody’s problem.

So the argument is if I have a problem that affects everyone, I don’t need to address it. The rational is somebody else has the same problem and they’re not addressing theirs.

Imagine what a think 15 years old thinks when”we can’t fix this” is the pervasive attitude of society. As that, 15 years old is learning in school about the FACTUAL HUMAN DESTRUCTION of THE EARTH! I can’t begin to imagine how unimportant that generation must feel. I do know I’m not proud of the legacy our generation is leaving to the next generation.

The Earth Is A Terrible Thing To Waste!

On this Earth Day of 2020 lets purify our minds about this matter so we can focus on purifying the Earth.

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