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There's Something Scary About Solar In Florida

There's Something Scary About Solar In Florida

There’s something scary about solar in Florida because it’s the perfect investment, and homeowners are still hesitant to install solar panels. However, the benefits of solar panels will never be greater than in 2021-2022 for many reasons.

At this point, you’re probably expecting to hear what you already know; there’s a 26% tax credit through 2022. But the biggest reason to install solar panels is because of the increase in home values. For example, when a home had a value of $200,000, and you installed solar panels that cost $20,000, the cost was 10% of the home’s value.

That home that had a $200,000 value 3 years ago is now worth $400,000, which means the same solar panel system is now only 5% cost of the value of the same home.

On A Humorous Note About Home Solar System

You would think the way Floridians have reacted to home solar as if it’s an alien from another planet. But, I mean, seriously, why are Floridians so afraid of installing their own powerplant on their roof?

The use of solar panels to create electrical power isn’t new, so why does it get treated that way in Florida. Lest we looked back just 15 years ago, Rush Limbaugh was clinging to the old fashion lightbulbs in opposition to government regulations or something like that. The point is you can’t stop progress. The LED lightbulb rules! Home solar systems are the right thing to do because it’s cheaper and cleaner energy!

The Benefits of Home Solar Panels Are Numerous

Promoting home solar is challenging when something can be so positive but be treated as if it’s invisible. Lower electric costs, tax incentives, more efficient solar panels (275W are now 400w), a lower percentage of the cost to home value, are some of the benefits of home solar panels for homeowners. In addition, there isn’t any home improvement property tax assessment, even though the value of your home increases.

Through that entire list, I never mention the positive impact solar panels have on the environment. In my view, homeowners have to make a return on investment to motivate them to switch. It’s a good feeling emotionally to decrease our impact on the environment, but it has to be financially equitable for homeowners to take action.

The Return On Investment Will Never Be Greater for Installing Solar Panels

The scariest thing about solar panels is there’s nothing to show off for such a sizable investment. When Americans make a purchase exceeding $10,000, they like to have something to show off. That’s the problem home solar has because there will never be anything to show off with a home solar system. For the next million years, solar panels, or any variation to come, will never be celebrated like the next model Tesla is. Solar panels are the epitome of a silent investment. With all the aforementioned benefits of home solar, it should be clear home solar is a great investment.

It's Scary When You Can't Get People To Go For A Sure Thing Like Home Solar?

There's Something Scary About Solar In Florida

To reiterate, the home value increase alone is a sound enough reason to go solar. But then all the other benefits like the tax credit and the improved solar panel efficiency all but makes going solar as close to a sure thing as there is. Once a solar system is up and running, you’ll know your fixed cost of power for the next 20 years, whereas the power company will raise its rates. Home solar panels provide peace of mind because you know what your power will cost for the next twenty years. 

A Typical Solar Company's Proposal

Add-Ons To Every Solar Proposal Cost of Add-Ons
The Cost of Salesperson $3000
Sales Manager $1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department $1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities $1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing $1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms
(Frequently Hidden Cost)
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation $17,000
Solar Company Profit $5000
Total $32,000
Solar Companies Overhead Costs,
Add-Ons To Every Solar ProposalCost of Add-Ons
The Cost of a Salesperson$3000
Sales Manager$1500
Proposal Builders and Permitting Department$1000
Overhead: Rent, Auto Insurance, Vehicles, and Utilities$1000
Cost of Leads and Marketing$1000
Points for Low Interest 20 Year Loan Terms (Frequently Hidden Cost)$2500
Solar Panels, Inverter, Installation$17,000
Solar Company Profit$5000
Your Solar Advocate Target Price $2.75 a Watt Totals for 7K$19,250
Tax Credit – $5,005
The net Cost Is $14,245