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Tax Benefits For Solar Panels Pros And Cons

Tax Benefits For Solar Panels Pros And Cons

The Tax Pros of Home Solar Panels

1. Federal Income Tax Credit for Solar Panels 30%*

2. No Sales Tax For The Purchase Of Solar Panels

3. No Home-Improvement Property Tax Assessment

The Tax Cons of Home Solar Panels

1. No Federal Income Tax Deduction For Panels or Interest

*Requires Your Income Taxes Are Greater Than Total Tax Credit.

If You Are Uncertain, Consult A Tax Expert To Determine If You Qualify.

Not Surprising, The Pro's Outweigh The Con's For Solar Panels

The Tax Benefits For Solar Panels Pros And Cons; the benefits of home solar panels far outweigh the fact solar panels aren’t tax-deductible. Using $20,000 for solar panels as an example for those who qualify, your system costs $14,800 after applying the Federal Solar tax credit. An additional 7% savings because there isn’t a sales tax. An increased value of your home without an increase in taxes. The tax benefits help create a greater return on investment with solar panels, and cash buyers save a bundle on interest.

There's Obviously No Real Downside for Purchasing Solar Panels In 2021

If you are considering installing home solar, I can’t imagine a better time to do it. Solar panel prices are more efficient, the tax credit offers huge savings, and the lower cost of electricity offers the perfect investment. It appears that power company electricity is only going up, but solar panels are a fixed predictable cost offering peace of mind that the cost of your power isn’t going up.

Florida uses Grid-Tie solar, which means every kilowatt produced by solar panels is credited at full retail by the power company. Grid-Tie solar means the power company lets you use their storage for solar power produced for a service charge. Grid-Tie eliminates the need for a battery storage system.

The method of lowering the cost of solar panels through tax incentives seems to be very effective for the promotion of home solar panels. No sales tax and no home improvement property tax assessment is an added bonus.

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